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Physical Therapy 02 title


Here I am walking with Fae. This is something that I spent years learning how to do. I need minimal help with weight shifting and stabilizing my pelvis, however I am able to independently initiate the reciprocal movement of my legs. This activity is important to me because it allows me to weight bear and use my body in a functional mobility exercise. When I began to learn this skill I was predominately using my spastic tone to keep my upper body in alignment now I am able to use other muscle groups which I control volitionally. I work very hard to keep my arms down and my head in the mid-line when I walk. This helps me to break up my spastic muscle pattern.


Here I am walking with Fae!





I stand everyday on my pronestander. This is a device that allows me to be in a safe weight bearing position for an hour or more at a time. It is important for me because weight bearing helps to improve my circulation, my digestion and assists in increasing my bone density.  Many people like me, who are adults with cerebral palsy are at  high risk for stress fractures caused by fragile, brittle bones but standing helps make my bones stronger.  I like to listen to TV or play one of my drums while I 'm standing. Another great thing about standing is that it gives me the opportunity to have conversations with people face to face!


Here I am at my house standing on my pronestander.




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