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Special Consensus at SPL



Lewis Williams at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul


Endicott College Chorus and vocal ensembles in concert
Sta and Me during Reading Time 

Stacia (who is 89 years old) and I have know each other since I was about twelve years old. I love books and I needed a Fae recruited Sta as a volunteer to read to me. Today we are best friends and love each other very much. I have taught Sta all about the opera and now she likes it a lot!


Boston College Art Festival - Irish Music and Dance
April 29, 2004



I love my music! On this page I'll show you why.

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Fine Motor Music Activities That Incorporate Speech & Language
Here I am strumming the guitar. Because of my spastic muscle tone I have to work very hard to relax and strum the strings rather than claw at them. My helper is trained to facilitate my movement without increasing my tone.
How I use weights to increase my functional musical abilities.
Here I'm using a five pound weight to stabilize my right arm (which is very tight) in order to help me to hold my gourd afuche and play it with my left hand. Unlike many people with spastic Cerebral Palsy, I can tolerate resistance without an increase in tone.
Guitar & Piano
Here I am improvising on the piano, a melodic line alternately using by left and right hand. Mutsumi follows my lead on the guitar.
Here I am drumming using my dominant left arm and keeping me right arm quiet (all by myself). I have my hand open, fingers extended while I capture the beat, anticipate rhythm changes and flawlessly follow the melodic line.
My prince will come
Someday My Prince Will Come from Snow White is one of my favorite songs. when I sing I have to breath deeply, relax and concentrate very hard in order to control my spastic muscle tone so that I can produce a sound that is both on pitch and that reflects my feelings for the music.




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