Individualized Supports Independent Services For Lauren Noelle Saulenas

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The company that supports my life is ISIS. My mother, Fae Saulenas created this company when I graduated from Perkins for the Blind.

ISIS supports me in my home, in Fae's home and out in the community doing the things that I love.

My Team Members Are:

Joan M. Jarzynka, RN
Amy Hart-Rodriguez, LPN
Bonny Jean Galland
Russell O'Neil

Bonny And Me

I also have a GREAT group of MAGNIFICENT VOLUNTEERS who have been with me for years and years!!!!!!

Uncle Teddy
Stacia Lewis
Priscilla Wall
Michelle Bisaillon
Frances Hall, LICSW

Sta and Lauren reading


My nurses do awake overnights at my home.

Bonny Galland in the full time counselor position, assists me in all life activities, implements therapy regimens. Fae works with me to design new and exciting educational exercises that continue to expand my cognitive functioning.

My volunteers are my friends. We love each other very much. My Uncle Teddy is my best friend and Stacia is my reading buddy (we love to read about opera). My friends help Fae with ISIS and advocate for us in the community.



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